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About Us

Ikarus Imaging (IKI) is a joint venture between Ian King & First Light Optics that focuses entirely on providing equipment, service and support for astrophotographers and the astroimaging community.  Whether you are a novice taking your first steps or an experienced astrophotographer planning a new observatory installation, we can help. 

Ian King: Prior to Ikarus Imaging Ian owned and ran Ian King Imaging and is co-founder of the ICastronomy project.  Nobody has more experience with telescopes, mounts and cameras for astrophotography. 

First Light Optics: The FLO team handle IT and logistics.  Essentially they are the ‘ground crew’ that keeps IKI in the air.  They also do the same for Stargazerslounge, Astronomy Tools and Clear Outside

For help, advice or support please contact us smiley