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StarSharp Bahtinov Focus Masks

StarSharp Bahtinov Focus Masks

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About this product

Model:  bahtinov-66
Part Number:  ZS66

Premium quality Bahtinov focus mask.

These are not generic masks, each mask is tuned to the telescope's focal ratio for the very best performance smiley

The Bahtinov mask has become the preferred method of focusing a telescope, either visually or when imaging with a CCD camera, DSLR or webcam. Precise and repeatable focus can be achieved in under a minute, even in poor seeing conditions. The mask displays a unique diffraction profile, one part of the diffraction pattern moves in response to changes in focus and displays error as a displacement from a clearly defined point.

Straight sides ensure the focus mask will not roll away when stored on the shelf, matt-black surface prevents reflections and a reflective high visibility corner makes it easy to locate in the dark.

Credit goes to Russian amateur astronomer Pavel Bahtinov for creating the design and making it available to the astronomy community.

Made in the UK!  



Customer reviews

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Starsharp Bahtinov mask
Thursday, 15 August 2019  | 

Not the quality I thought it would be for the price paid.

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Simple but Effective
Tuesday, 5 March 2019  | 

Not a lot to say. Quick delivery, well packed and works well.

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Bahtinov mask
Monday, 19 November 2018  | 

I would like to point out to people how fragile these things are. First night out with mine and it broke when it fell off the front of the scope.
I think it will do the job of focusing once you make sure you have secured it to the scope.

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StarSharp Bahtinov Focus Mask Celestron C8SCT
Wednesday, 9 May 2018  | 

This item really works, no more chasing focus. Precise focus is achieved in seconds even when using a dew shield. The two plastic screws used to hold the mask in place are simplicityí itself.

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Perfect Focus
Saturday, 28 April 2018  | 

Get perfect focus quickly every time simple to use ,a must have for imaging ,highly recommend
use with Bahtinov grabber for even more accuracy

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Handle with care
Wednesday, 14 February 2018  | 

Unfortunately I didnít have much of a chance to see how effective this mask is as it blew off my scope and smashed to bits on my patio.

It simply rests on your scope using two nylon threaded bolts so can be dislodged easily.

It may not be so much of a problem if you are using the scope on softer ground.

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Just get one
Saturday, 14 January 2017  | 

Absolutely brilliant - Iíve just tried it out for the first time and it really does take the guesswork out of focusing, especially when viewing via a DLSR tethered to a laptop and using Live View on-screen (which is inherently fuzzy and makes focus hard to judge).

A couple of other things: (1) being the clumsy oaf I am I dropped it twice onto a patio from about 1.5m and it survived unscathed (no shattering like other people have experienced). (2) If you canít find the two plastic screws have a good search through the packaging material, theyíll be in there somewhere in a little plastic bag.

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Bahtinov Focus Pieces
Thursday, 10 March 2016  | 

Not happy at all with that, dropped it from height of 70cm and split a a part like a piece of glass, and I am not only one who just weasted £19 Why is could be made from durable and flexible plastics? Why?


Sorry to hear your Bahtinov focus mask didn't survive the drop, please return the pieces for a free replacemant :-)

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Good value
Friday, 30 January 2015  | 

I got this mask and I am quite happy with it. It is well made with thick plastic.

Although I am happy with it, I have 2 minor complaints: The screw to hold it are really hard to push through the holes and I struggled a bit to fit them in. The screws that came with it are white, I wish they had been black like pictured on the website. Does not look as good with white screws

On a side note, it did not come with an instruction sheet. I had seen tutorial on youtube were people had the instructions sheet with pictures for that particular model. Again, really small complaint.

All in all good prodcut for the price!

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Works well, but shatters if dropped.
Friday, 15 November 2013  | 

I bought one of these for my 12" Dobo. It works very well, but you should be aware that it seems to be made of very brittle plastic. I dropped mine onto grass whilst removing it from my scope and it shattered into 3 pieces. I guess the large size of mine made it more prone to this.


Sorry to hear your Bahtinov focus mask is broken. It is possible for a large mask to break but normally only when dropped onto a hard surface. Not grass. Nevertheless, if you return the parts with a copy of your receipt we'll gladly replace it.
HTH :-)

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