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Lynx Astro 4 Port Dew Controller with DSLR Power Supply
Lynx Astro 4 Port Dew Controller with DSLR Power SupplyLynx Astro 4 Port Dew Controller with DSLR Power SupplyLynx Astro 4 Port Dew Controller with DSLR Power Supply

Lynx Astro 4 Port Dew Controller with DSLR Power Supply

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✓ 2 year warranty


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About this product

Model:  lynxastro_4port_dew_controller_dslr

NEW Lynx Astro 4 Port Dew Controller with DSLR Power Supply and 2x 12V Power Outputs

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Premium four-channel, four-port dew controller enables you to connect and control output to four individual heater strips (not included). Most heater strips from all major manufacturers are supported via regular phono / RCA type sockets.

Total power output up to 10 Amps. (Please ensure your power supply can deliver sufficient power for your requirements, keeping in mind other equipment such as your mount and cameras also require power).

A cigarette-lighter type plug with a 10 Amp fuse and 2m of premium quality, super flexible, cold resistant silicone cable is included.

Requires a DC centre positive power supply.

Control software requires OSX 10.11.6 or Windows 7 upwards.

2 year warranty. 

Important: Do not exceed a total power output of 10 Amps. 


  • 4x RCA / Phono individually controllable Dew Heater outputs.
  • 4x Heating Channel Control Knob (0-100%). 
  • 2x 2.1mm 12V DC Power Output (suitable for powering a mount, camera, etc).
  • 3.5mm 8V DSLR Power Supply Output.
  • 2m 12 Amp rated silicone cable remains soft and flexible, even at sub-zero temperatures, so is less likely to twist and tangle.
  • Micro USB 2.0 Socket.
  • Fitted with a Cigarette plug rated to 10 Amps and fitted with a 10 Amps fuse. Features a red LED power indicator.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.


Lynx Astro Dew Controllers can be controlled remotely via computer software. 

The device acts as a USB-to-Serial interface and can be controlled either through a terminal or the provided Windows or Mac Desktop software shown below.

DSLR Power

To power your DSLR you will need a 'dummy battery'. We offer a wide range of Lanparte batteries found above, to use one of these with your dew controller you will also need a Lynx Astro Dummy Battery Cable - LanParte Fit cable which is supplied free if you order a dew controller and dummy battery at the same time.

If you are using an official Canon dummy battery then you can use this cable: Lynx Astro Dummy Battery Cable - Canon Fit to connect your battery to the dew controller.




Power Input

  • Requires a DC centre positive power supply.
  • 2 metre flexible silicone cable rated to 12 Amps.
  • Fitted with a Cigarette plug rated to 10 Amps and fitted with a 10 Amps fuse. Includes a red LED power indicator.
  • Minimum Voltage 10V, maximum Voltage 15V (we recommend 12-13.8V).
  • Reverse polarity protection in case of accidental cable reversal.
  • Fitted with strain relief to prevent damage.

Dew Heater Outputs

  • RCA / Phono style connector, tip positive.
  • Suitable for use with most dew heater tapes from major manufacturers.
  • Maximum 5 Amps output per channel. Do not exceed the total device Amp rating.

USB Input

  • USB 2.0 Micro B Socket.
  • Automatically installs as a ‘USB to Serial’ device on most computers but Windows drivers are available if required.
  • Cable not supplied.

12V Unregulated DC Power Outputs

  • Available on the 4-way dew controllers (not the smaller 2-way model).
  • 2.1mm centre positive DC sockets.
  • Maximum 5 Amps output per channel. Do not exceed the total device Amp rating.
  • Lynx Astro cables are available separately for connecting a variety of mounts, cameras and other devices.

DSLR Power Supply

  • 3.5mm mono jack socket, tip positive.
  • Regulated switch mode 8V power supply suitable for use with a range of DSLR cameras (cables and dummy DSLR batteries are available from Lynx Astro).
  • Maximum 2 Amps output. Do not exceed the total device Amp rating.

Enclosure / Box

  • Hard wearing, durable, black ABS enclosure.
  • Red LED power indicator on box.
  • Red LED power indicator for each heating channel - brightness varies depending on power setting.
  • Red LED intensities reduced to maintain dark adaption.
  • Velcro backed with matching sticky velcro pad for easy attachment to your mount / pier / tripod / dovetail / etc.
  • High quality plastic knobs and all-metal potentiometers for durability and smoothness.

Power Supply Requirements

You will need to plug the cigarette plug into a centre positive power supply capable of supplying between 10-15V, ideally 12-13.8V.

Important: The power supply must have the correct centre positive polarity and be capable of supplying the required Current (Amps) and Voltage. If you are unsure, please contact us for advice.

When determining your requirements, it is a good idea to make a note of the Amps required for each item plugged into the dew controller. This total must not exceed 10 Amps. If this information is unavailable please contact your device manufacturer.

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Lynx Astro Dew Controllers Manual (PDF)

Lynx Astro Dew Controllers Serial Protocol (PDF)


Lynx Astro Dew Controllers Windows Software & Drivers - v1.0.0 (ZIP)

Lynx Astro Dew Controllers OSX Software - v1.0.0 (DMG)

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Dew Controller with added benefits
Thursday, 28 March 2019  | 

I've had this since it was first released but due to the weather I've not really used it in anger until tonight. It is well made and easy to use, the software interface is very simple and uncluttered. I also bought the dummy battery to run my DSLR so don't have to worry about the battery giving up. I was considering spending more on an all in one solution but with this and a USB hub on my mount I've tidied up the wiring and continue to use my old laptop remotely from inside.


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