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Celestron CGE Dovetail Bars

Celestron CGE Dovetail Bars

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About this product

Model:  celestron-dovetail-bars-9.25inch
Part Number:  94217

A CGE fit Dovetail Bar to fit 8", 9.25", 11" or 14" SCT and EdgeHD telescopes. The CGE fit is a standard size for higher end mounts and is compatible with Celestron CGEM, CGEM DX and CGE Pro mounts as well as mounts from other manufacturers.

This Dovetail can be used to mount your exisiting OTA to any of the above mounts. It is also necessary to piggyback many accessories used for astrophotography such as Celestron's 80mm GuideScope

Note: When used with CPC 800 GPS or CPC Deluxe 800 HD telescopes it is necessary to remove the finder-scope bracket. 

Downloads / Manuals

8" Dovetail Bar Diagram (PDF)

9.25" Dovetail Bar Diagram (PDF)

11" Dovetail Bar Diagram (PDF)

14" Dovetail Bar Diagram (PDF)

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