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MoonLite High-Res Stepper Motor with MiniV2 Controller
 MoonLite High-Res Stepper Motor with MiniV2 ControllerMoonLite High-Res Stepper Motor with MiniV2 Controller 

MoonLite High-Res Stepper Motor with MiniV2 Controller

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Model:  moonlite_motor_v2_controller_bundle

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MoonLite high resolution stepper motor and Mini V2 controller kit.

MoonLite's High Resolution stepper motor uses a premium, low backlash Hurst stepper motor. This provides very fine .00008" resolution and accurate position repeatability required for today's high end imaging systems. 

Clutch mechanism enables both manual focus or motorised focus. 

This kit allows you to install the high resolution stepper motor to your existing MoonLite focuser. Please note it requires you have the new style tapped upper flange part to support the Motor brackets however Moonlite can provide a replacement upper flange for people wishing to install a motor kit on an older style MoonLite focuser, please contact us for details.

The Mini V2 is an ASCOM compliant stepper motor controller for Moonlite's High Resolution Stepper Motor. The controller works with all ASCOM based software packages out there today such as Focus Max, CCDSoft, MaximDL, etc. Besides ASCOM drivers for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems, MoonLite also provide a Non ASCOM software program for people that are not running ASCOM based programs and need only a basic program to operate the focuser on a PC - this works great for a simple remote focus solution.

The miniV2 controller has built in temperature sensor as well as a remote temp probe. The controller runs on 12 Volts DC and includes an AC adapter that has all the different plug configurations (US, Europe, UK, and Australia); however, most customers will simply use 12-volt power off their mount.

This new miniV2 controller is designed to be used by a PC or its manual buttons and speed control knob for manual operation at the scope. All cables are included with the controller.

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