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Pulsar Observatories Dome Drive

Pulsar Observatories Dome Drive

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About this product

Model:  pulsar_dome_drive

The Pulsar Dome Drive is the latest development in automating your observatory.
Designed for use with the Pulsar 2.7 metre dome or 2.2 metre dome, you can control your observatory from the LCD display panel or from the supplied software on your PC.

The new LCD display panel will control the following functions:

  • Move left and right
  • Stop
  •  Angle display
  • Go to angle
  • Tracking speed display
  • Change sidereal speed
  • Open and close shutter (if shutter drive connected)
  • Home
  • Park
  • Change brightness
  • Battery level and charging status of shutter (if shutter drive connected)

Planned features

  • RAC/DEC tracking
  • Planet tracking
  • Backlight timeout

The supplied Pulsar Observatories software package allows full control of the observatory from a computer, and includes  an ASCOM driver for use with third party software, i.e. Maxim DL, to allow full synchronisation with your telescope.

The Pulsar software will control the following functions:


  • Move left and right
  • Stop
  • Angle display
  • Go to angle
  • Sidereal speed display
  • Change home angle
  • Change park angle
  • Shutter status

Planned features

  • RAC/DEC tracking
  • Planet tracking
  • Network communication
  • PC connected to dome acts as a server so other PCs on the same network can use the same software.
  • iOS (will release before android) and Android app

The Pulsar Dome Drive system is supplied completely assembled, ready to install, using just 4 bolts, and comes complete with:

  • Dome controller
  • Encoder unit
  • Power supply
  • Hardware (fixing kit, etc)

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