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Dual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors
Dual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors

Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors

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About this product

Model:  skywatcher_focuser_20171
Part Number:  20171

Latest model with screw holes for finder-shoe. 

CNC machined 10:1 dual-speed Crayford focuser designed as a direct replacement / upgrade for the standard focuser supplied with Sky-Watcher Evostar 102/120/150, Startravel 102/120/150 and Evostar 80ED/100ED/120ED refractors.

Will accept both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.

Features adjustable tension, locking clamp and indexed drawtube.

Length of focuser 132mm + 80mm when draw-tube fully extended. 

Our FLO Adapter will enable you to use Sky-Watcher focal reducers with this focuser smiley

Customer reviews

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Significant upgrade for StarTravel 102
Saturday, 7 September 2019  | 

The difference between the stock focuser and this unit is like night and day! This unit is so smooth to focus with and the fine adjustment really brings things into sharp focus with ease. A couple of notes based on what I have seen in other reviews compared with my own experience. The focuser is a reasonably tight fit and required a bit of a wiggle to settle into place, but once in place it's a nice snug fit. I can confirm the focuser now has two mounting holes for the Sky-Watcher Finder Shoe, these are covered by two grub screws that can be removed to allow you to fit the shoe. Astonishing next day delivery from FLO! Will be back for more equipment later!

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Priced matched
Friday, 16 August 2019  | 

Emailed FLO asking would they Price match this email back yes and a code for free delivery. Ordered Friday afternoon was delivered Monday afternoon brilliant service and a cracking bit of kit.

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Crayford focuser
Friday, 8 February 2019  | 

This is a great Upgrade for old eyes , With the original focuser i felt i wasn't able to Focus a 100% , but With the fine adjustment on this New one , i am.
i just got it fitted a couple of days ago , and had it tested last night.

I dont think you can go wrong with this one.


Geir asked us to add that the scope used was a Sky-Watcher Startravel 120.

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Dual-Speed 2 Crayford Focuser
Monday, 26 November 2018  | 

Excellent upgrade for a skywatcher startravel 102 500mm refractor, especially with the dual speed focuser, makes the scope look and perform like a hight quality telescope. Excellent service from FLO as usual thank you

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Great for the price.
Friday, 9 February 2018  | 

A worthwhile upgrade from the standard focuser especially at this price! It just feels much nicer in operation and the indexed drawtube allows for faster focusing if like me, you regularly pack the scope away. The anodized and piano black finish looks the doggy's doodahs too. Of course the other aftermarket focusers are a probably great deal better in operation but at this price this really is a must on the ed80. The only disappointing thing is the lack of a findershoe or a way to fit one. However there is a small bonus as the focuser is rotatable! I didn't realise this, but it makes framing sooooooo much easier now while also keeping the focus the same. Excellent upgrade and unbeatable at this price.

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Excellent upgrade
Saturday, 10 September 2016  | 

For the price this is an excellent upgrade. Billet cnc machined and anodised. Unfortunately no thread on draw tube but the FLO adaptor sorts that issue out. If you want to fit the SW motor focuser you will have to do some mods on the mounting bracket as the holes do not line up with the bolts but it's not a major task.

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A Very Good Upgrade for SW Refractors
Thursday, 5 May 2016  | 

I bought this to replace the standard r&p model on my SW Evostar 120. It is a vast improvement, much more solid with no play or slop in the draw tube at all. The movement is smooth and you can adjust the friction with a hex key on the under side. I use this mostly for imaging and when I first placed my DSLR onto the focuser the draw tube slipped but this was corrected quite easily with a quarter turn of the hex bolt. Another bonus is the whole thing can be rotated 360 degrees making framing of your target easy. The only reason I did not give this item 5 stars was the lack of a finder shoe. I actually don't use a finder on my scope but if you did you would need to find a new way to attach it.


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