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Takahashi Epsilon 130 ED f/3.3 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector

Takahashi Epsilon 130 ED f/3.3 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector

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Model:  tak_tek13010
Part Number:  TEK13010

Takahashi Epsilon 130 ED f/3.3 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector

The Epsilon 130 ED is a compact, super-fast, highly portable flat field astrograph that weighs only 10.8 lbs!  

It's compact size and wide 5.9° apparent field means it can be easily be transported to remote imaging locations and used with smaller, lighter high quality mounts.

The new Epsilon 130 ED features a number of improvements over it's predecessor including a newly designed optical corrector that, together with a hyperbolic primary mirror, produces <10μm spots at the edge of the Ø44mm circle (a 1/3rd better than the original model). Distortion has also been halved! 

The fast f/3.3 optical system necessitates a large secondary mirror that fully illuminates the imaging field. The secondary mirror is set slightly off-centre to ensure it intercepts the full light cone and the spider (supports the secondary mirror) has been specially strengthened to achieve this without flexure.

The focuser too is new with a metal insert that has 'non-cold flow material' for more precise control.

Takahashi have also designed a new collimation system for the primary mirror, which is similar to the one used on their TOA. The previous design used push and pull screws set inside of each other. This new model uses separate push and pull adjusting screws and the alignment bolts are now flush with the end of the tube (they protruded on the earlier model) so are less likely to be bumped out of alignment. 

The package version includes Tube Holder, 7x50 Finderscope and Bracket. 


Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

OTA Only Includes:

  • Epsilon 130-ED OTA

OTA Package Includes:

  • Epsilon 130-ED OTA
  • TKA00552Y Finder 7 X 50 orange
  • TKA00563B Black finder bracket
  • TKA68420S Tube holder (double) with top plate to be used with TMP02300


Optical configurationHyperbolic - flat field astrograph
Effective aperture130mm
Focal length430mm [16.9]
Focal ratiof/3.3
Image circle44mm [5.9 field of view]
Minor axis of diagonal63mm
Tube length460mm [18.1]
Weight4.9kg [10.8lbs]
Tube diameter166mm

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