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Fotomate VT-2900 Heavy-Duty Semi-Professional 2-Way Tripod
 Fotomate VT-2900 Heavy-Duty Semi-Professional 2-Way TripodFotomate VT-2900 Heavy-Duty Semi-Professional 2-Way Tripod 

Fotomate VT-2900 Heavy-Duty Semi-Professional 2-Way Tripod

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About this product

Model:  fotomate_vt-2900_50402
Part Number:  50402

The Fotomate VT-2900 is a stable and robust semi-professional tripod for video cameras & DSLRs. Also an excellent choice for use with spotting scopes, small telescopes and most large observation binoculars.

Optimum payload capacity is 4-6kg but can handle a maximum of 8kg.

Maximum height 177cm when the 3-section aluminium legs and geared centre column are fully extended.  

The heavy-duty 2-Way tripod head, which is the same as supplied with the Fotomate VT-680-222R model, is robust and well-engineered. Operation is extremely smooth, well damped, and can be panned 360° with a wide range of tilt adjustment.

Supplied with nylon carrying case.


  • Heavy-Duty Tripod with 2-Way Fluid-Damped Panhead
  • Adjustable Tension & Lock
  • Multi-Position Left or Right Mountable Pan Handle
  • Payload Capacity: Optimum 4-6kg, Maximum 8kg. 
  • Quick Release Plate with 1/4” & 3/8” Attachment Screws and Video Pin
  • Security Retention Mechanism on Quick Release Plate
  • Maximum Height (Fully Extended): 177cm
  • Minimum Height (Fully Retracted): 82cm
  • Geared Centre Column with Elevator Crank, Lock and Tri-Brace
  • 360° Panning, -65° Forward Tilt, +90° Vertical Elevation
  • 29mm Diameter 3-Section Tubular Aluminum Legs with Rubber Twist Locks
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Bubble level for Accurate levelling
  • Weight: 4.79kg
  • Supplied with Nylon Carrying Case

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