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ZWO 1.25″ Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector / ADC
 ZWO 1.25″ Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector / ADCZWO 1.25″ Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector / ADC 

ZWO 1.25″ Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector / ADC

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About this product

Model:  zwo_adc
Part Number:  ZWO-ADC

Latest version with bubble level to aid zero position alignment

The ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC) is the first of it's kind, designed and manufactured by astronomers for astronomers.

Significantly reduces the prismatic smearing (atmospheric dispersion) caused by light passing through moisture in our atmosphere, a common problem encountered when observing/imaging planets at low altitudes.  

The aberration is viewed as false colour then corrected via the positioning of two high quality 1/10 Lambda surface quality prisms, resulting in views and images of planets with noticeably improved surface detail.  

Note: For best results position the ZWO ADC immediately before the eyepiece and place other optical accessories (barlow, diagonal, etc) in front of the ADC (telescope side).  I.e. eyepiece -> ADC -> barlow -> diagonal -> telescope. 


  • Threads: T2 Male and Female
  • Optics: 2 Prisms
  • Material: H-K9L(Schott BK7)
  • Surface Accuracy: λ/10@632.8nm
  • Deviation Angle: 2°
  • UV friendly Anti-reflective (AR) Coating
  • ADC Body Height: Approximately 30mm

UV Friendly AR Coating

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