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ZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster

ZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster

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About this product

Model:  zwo_t2_tilter
Part Number:  ZWO-T2-Tilter-II

Updated Tilt Adjuster for your ZWO or T thread equipped camera to help reduce Newton Rings whilst solar imaging or adjusting for tilt in your imaging train.

The new ZWO Tilter-II adds multiple screw holes to help connect to ZWO EFW (compatible with 2 EFW filter wheel). The ZWO T2 Tilter II has a T2 interface on both sides. The male T2 adapter ring can be removed from the Tilter.


  • Diameter: 78mm
  • Interface: T2 (M42*0.75 thread) Female on camera side, Male on scope side. Female both sides with T2/T2 adaptor removed.
  • Height: 13mm with T2/T2 adaptor, 11mm with this removed.
  • Fits all ASI cameras except ASI071, ASI2600 and ASI6200.

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